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How Elon Musk Built His Empire - [Infographic]

This graphic was created by information designer Anna Vital, read herfull article here.
Step by Step: How Elon Musk Built His Empire (by Anna Vital)“The next Bill Gates will not build an operating system. The next Larry Page or Sergey Brin won’t make a search engine. Tomorrow’s champions will not win by competing ruthlessly in today’s marketplace. They will escape competition altogether, because their businesses will be unique.”– Peter Thiel in “Zero to One” In the bookZero to One, prominent entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shares his vision on what it takes to create an extraordinary company. Specifically, Thiel believes that instead of making incremental upgrades to an existing product or service, a company must aim to do something completely new to avoid ruthless competition. While Thiel has worked with many impressive people over the years, Thiel points to Elon Musk as a particularlysuccessful memberof the Paypal Mafia that has gone “zero to one” many times. THE RÉSUMÉAt only the…

First Report of the IIRC on the Rizal Park Hostage-taking Incident

Here's the report of the Incident Investigation and Review Committee on the August, 23, 2010 Rizal Park Hostage-taking Incident: Sequence Of Events, Evaluation and Recommendations.

Here is a part of the report.


The Tour Group

The Hong Kong tour group held hostage by Police Senior Inspector (Captain) Rolando D. Mendoza inside the Hong Thai tour bus on August 23, 2010 in front of the Quirino Grandstand along Independence Ave. of Rizal Park consisted of three families, two couples, a mother and daughter, and the tour leader.

The LEUNG family consisted of the 58 yr. old father LEUNG Kam-wing (Ken), the 43 yr. old mother NG Yau-woon (Amy), a 21 yr. old daughter LEUNG Chung-see, an 18 yr. old son LEUNG Song-xue (Jason), and a 14 yr. old daughter LEUNG Song-yi (Jessie). At the end of the tour, Amy will lose her husband and two daughters, and will be left with a comatose son.

The FU family consisted of the 39 yr. old FU Cheuk-yan, the 40 yr. old mother TSANG Yee-lai, a 10 yr. old son FU Chak-yin, and a 4 yr. old daughter FU Chung-yin. At the end of the tour, every one of the FU family will be released except for the father, who will die trying to save the rest of the tour group from a mad hostage-taker.

The WONG family consisted of the 51 yr. old father WONG Tze-lam, the 44 yr. old mother YEUNG Yee-wa, the 45 yr. old sister-in-law YEUNG Yee-kam, the 15 yr. old daughter WONG Cheuk-yu (Tracey), and the 12 yr. old son WONG Ching-yat (Jason). At the end of the tour, the WONG siblings will be orphans.

The mother and daughter duo of 66 yr. old LO Kam-Fun and 36 yr. old LEE Ying-chuen will both survive.

The elderly LI couple, 72 yr.old LI Yick-biu and 66 yr. old LI TSUI Fung-kwan will be both released.

The couple, 46 yr. old CHAN Kwok-chu (Joe) and 34 yr. old YIK Siu-ling, will both survive but heavily injured.

The tour leader 31 yr. old TSE Ting-chunn (Masa) will receive the first bullet from the hostage-taker.

The full report is posted on the www.gov.ph website.


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