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3 Cost Effective Ways to Solve Metro Manila's Traffic Problem

The Facebook page of ANC 24/7 is asking for its reader's suggestion on how to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem.

This got me thinking, "what is the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem?" It's easy to make suggestions, what's hard is the implementation and the cost of implementation. So what is the the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem and the most cost effective solution?

Punitive Fines
First of all, any implementation will definitely cost money, a lot of money. The cause of the traffic mess is the people themselves so it's only right that those causing the traffic problem should be fined and the fine should hurt. That way, the fines will pay for the cost of enforcing the law.
The fines should start at P500 and goes up every week if you don't pay it within 15 days. To enforce this and prevent people from ignoring the fine. It will be tied to their driver's license or car registration. They cannot renew their d…

PALEA Dispersal

I found this video on Youtube about the dispersal of PALEA (Philippine Airlines Employees Association) employees.

This is with regards to PAL's decision to terminate them and outsource it's services on the ground.

I don't know the full story, but I found this blog that explains what's happening.



Typhoon Pedring Videos

Here are some videos of Typhoon Pedring.

This was in Roxas Blvd.


Typhoon Pedring

Metro Manila was hit hard by another typhoon known as Typhoon Pedring. Due to the massive amount of rain, several dams had to be opened to release the potential overflows. As expected, the typhoon brought massive flooding similar to what happened to Typhoon Ondoy.

Strong winds and rain also brought power outages. SM Mall of Asia was also reported to be waist deep in water at one point.

Here are some photos I found online.

Roxas Blvd

Makati City


Pedro Gil

SM Mall of Asia

US Embassy

Photos credits to their respective owners.

Basil Valdez - Hanggang Sa Dulo Ng Walang Hanggan

This song which was composed by George Canseco and sung by Basil Valdez is one of the finest classical Filipino songs in the Philippine music.

VST & Company - Ipagpatawad Mo

Ipagpatawad Mo by VST & Company.

This song was later revived by Janno Gibbs.

Which one do you think is the better version?

Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago Pick Up Lines

Funny speech by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago at a recent RH Forum.

Costly Mistakes People Make With GPS And Cell Phones

With all the new electronic technology - this experience gives all of us something to think about.


A couple of weeks ago a friend told me that someone she knew had their car broken-into while they were at a Football game.
Their car was parked on the green which was adjacent to the football stadium and specially allotted to football fans. Things stolen from the car included:
a garage door Remote Control,some money and a GPS which had been prominently mounted on the dashboard.

When the victims got home, they found that their house had been ransacked and just about everything worth anything had been stolen.

1. The thieves had used the GPS to guide them to the house.
2. They then used the Garage Remote Control to open the garage door and gain entry to the house.
3. The thieves knew the owners were at the football game, they knew what time the game was scheduled to finish and so they knew how much time they had to clean out the house.
4. It would appear that they had brought a tru…

Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz Cheap Shot?

The Internet is abuzz with the latest fight between Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz. I wasn't able to watch the fight but I was told the fight was dirty all around. With Victor Ortiz giving Mayweather a head but and Mayweather hitting Ortiz just after a time out.

Here's a video of what Mayweather did.

Here's Mayweather's interview after the fight.

I haven't seen a video of what Ortiz did. I'll post it when I find one.

Dina Bonnevie - Bakit Ba Ganyan

Bakit Ba Ganyan by Dina Bonnevie. After all these years, she's still hot!

Philippines: Sex Strike Brings Peace

Displaced women in two villages on Mindanao Island find an unconventional way to stop their menfolk fighting, clear roads and start rebuilding amid a separatist rebellion.

The women ended armed clashes in 2 Mindanao villages by not having sex with their husbands unless the men laid down their weapons, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

VST & Company - Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal

Ikaw Ang Aking Mahal by VST & Company. This is sung by Vic Sotto.

I found an acoustic live version with Aiza Seguerra on guitar.

Ancient Laughter

Found written across the wall of a cave were the following symbols:

It was considered a unique find and the writings were said to be at least 3000 years old!

The piece of stone was removed, brought to the museum, and archaeologists from around the world came to study the ancient symbols.

They held a huge meeting after months of conferences to discuss the meaning of the markings.

The President of the society pointed to first drawing and said:

"This is a woman. We can see these people held women in high esteem.

You can also tell they were intelligent, as the next symbol is a donkey, so they were smart enough to have animals help them till the soil..

The next drawing is a shovel, which means they had tools to help them."

Even further proof of their high intelligence is the fish, which means that if a famine hit the earth, and food didn't grow, they seek food from the sea.

The last symbol appears to be the Star of David which means they were evidently Hebrews.

The audi…

Pinoy Contractor

Three contractors are bidding to fix the White House fence.

One from the Philippines, another from Mexico and an American.

They go with a White House official to examine the fence.

The American contractor takes out a tape measure and does some measuring, then works some figures with a pencil. Well,” he says. “I figure the job will run about $900: $400 for materials, $400 for my crew and $100 profit for me.”

The Mexican contractor also does some measuring and figuring, then says, “I can do $700: $300 for materials, $300 for my crew and $100 profit for me.”

The Filipino contractor doesn’t measure or figure, but leans over to the White House official and whispers: “$2,700.”

The official, incredulous, says, “What? You didn’t even measure like the other guys! How did you come up with such a high figure? How do you expect me to consider your service with that bid??

“Easy,” the Pinoy explains, “$1,000 for you, $1,000 for me and we hire the guy from Mexico “.

The next day, the Pinoy and the M…

Ms. Universe from GenSan

Here's our new Miss Universe from General Santos.

Joke Muna

Ahente kumatok at matapos pagbuksan ng may-ari ng bahay ay biglang kinalat ang tae ng kabayo sa sahig sabay sabing:




Cop 1: Bakit po K-9 ang tawag sa malalaking aso, sir!

SUPT: Syempre pag tinawag mo silang K-10, hindi na sila aso

Cop 1: Ano na sila sir?

SUPT: Maliit na pusa.


PEDRO: Galing ako sa doktor, nakabili na ako ng hearing aid. Grabe ang linaw ngayon nang pandinig ko!

JUAN: Wow, galing! Magkanong bili mo sa hearing aid?

PEDRO: Kahapon lang!


NENE: Nanay, mahalaga pala ang punctuation mark. Nakakalungkot kapag nawala.

NANAY: Aba , oo, anak! Mahalaga 'yun. Pero bakit nakakalungkot?

NENE: Kasi, si ate, iyak nang iyak. Dalawang buwan na raw siyang walang period.


EUGENE: Pare, walanghiya 'yung mga kondoktor sa bus!


Boyfriends - Bistado Na Kita

Bistado Na Kita by Boyfriends. Isn't old songs great? Song about love and courtship. Never gets old.

Boyfriends - Nais Kong Malaman Mo

Nais Kong Malaman Mo by Boyfriends.

World Trade Center Reborn: Outstanding Infographic & Collaboration


Giant 21ft Killer Croc Is Caught

A giant saltwater crocodile weighing more than a ton was caught in a remote village in the Philippines. The 21-foot, 2,370-pound reptile may have eaten a farmer who went missing in July, along with several water buffaloes in the southern town of Bunawan, crocodile hunter Rollie Sumiller said.Based on existing records, the crocodile is believed to be the largest ever caught in the country.The team that captured the crocodile used baits like chicken, pork and dog meat but the crocodile simply bit off the meat and the line. The finally used an 8 millimeter cable that the crocodile was not able to cut off.It took 30 men to subdue the animal and the government has decided to use the crocodile as a main attraction in a planned nature park instead of putting it down.Here's a video I found about the crocodile.

Boyfriends - Dahil Mahal Kita

Dahil Mahal Kita by Boyfriends.

Kumuha Nang Lisensya Si Joe

Kumuha ng lisensya si joe.. LTO: Marunong ka magdrive? Joe: Opo sir... LTO: Primera! (Kinambyo ni Joe sa primera...) Lto: Segunda! (Kambyo uli si Joe segunda..) LTO: Tersera! (Dinala ni Joe sa tersera) LTO: Kwarta! (Kumambyo si Joe sa bulsa ng P1k inabot sa LTO...) LTO: VERY GOOD! bukas balik ka dito.. may lisensya kana.

Pumapatak Ang Ulan - Apo Hiking Society

From Wikipedia.

The Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society, later popularly known as Apo Hiking Society or, simply, Apo, was a Filipino musical group. The group had its fledgling beginnings in 1969 at the Ateneo de Manila high school, with thirteen members: Lito de Joya, Sonny Santiago, Gus Cosio, Renato Garcia, Chito Kintanar, Kenny Barton, Bruce Brown, Butch Dans, Kinjo Sawada, Ric Segreto, Goff Macaraeg, Doden Besa, Jim Paredes, and Boboy Garovillo. The group's name was an irreverent reference to the paralytic Philippine revolutionary intellectual and hero, Apolinario Mabini, and later shortened to "Apo", an Ilocano term for a wise man, and later re-branded to "APO" (all caps). (Contrary to popular belief, the "Apo" name was not a reference to the Philippine volcano, Mount Apo.)

As the students advanced into college, Danny Javier joined the group. After graduation, the majority of its members left to pursue individual careers, with only three members rema…