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3 Cost Effective Ways to Solve Metro Manila's Traffic Problem

The Facebook page of ANC 24/7 is asking for its reader's suggestion on how to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem.

This got me thinking, "what is the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem?" It's easy to make suggestions, what's hard is the implementation and the cost of implementation. So what is the the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem and the most cost effective solution?

Punitive Fines
First of all, any implementation will definitely cost money, a lot of money. The cause of the traffic mess is the people themselves so it's only right that those causing the traffic problem should be fined and the fine should hurt. That way, the fines will pay for the cost of enforcing the law.
The fines should start at P500 and goes up every week if you don't pay it within 15 days. To enforce this and prevent people from ignoring the fine. It will be tied to their driver's license or car registration. They cannot renew their d…

Kailan - Smokey Mountain (1990)

For those who remember Ryan Cayabyab's TV show called Ryan Ryan Musikahan back in the 1990s. Here's Smokey Mountain appearing as guest on his show.

Kailan by Eraserheads

The Eraserheads have always been an awesome band.

WOTL: Bonifacio 2011

Do you know why today is a holiday?

One Of The Best OPM Singer Today Is Not A Filipino

This song, Bakit Ngayon Ka Lang is performed by Americans Phillip Hitt and Jared March. Music composed by Ogie Alcasid.

Filipino music, has a timeless quality to it. And whether you understand this song or not, you can feel the music.

Floyd Mayweather Argues With Radio Host Rude Jude About Ducking Manny Pacquiao

Floyd Mayweather argues with radio host Rude Jude of All Out Show about his fighting skills & ducking the fight against Manny Pacquiao.

Thank You All For Your Educational E-mails

Got this from a friend.


I want to thank you all for your educational e-mails over the past year.
I am totally messed up now and have little chance of recovery.

I can no longer open a bathroom door without using a paper towel,
Nor let the waitress put lemon slices in my ice water without worrying
About the bacteria on the lemon peel.

I can't sit down on a hotel bedspread because I can only imagine
What has happened on it since it was last washed.

I have trouble shaking hands with someone who has been driving
Because the number one pastime while driving alone is picking one's nose.

Eating a little snack sends me on a guilt trip because I can only
Imagine how many gallons of Trans fats I have consumed over the years.

I can't touch any woman's handbag for fear she has placed it on
The floor of a public toilet.

I must send my special thanks for the email about rat poo
In the glue on envelopes because I now have to use a wet sponge with

Melanie C - Both Sides Now

Spice Girl Mel C performs a song from her new album Stages. Joni Mitchell's Both Sides Now.

Jamie Robinson

Anybody know what this is?

Divorce Ceremony

From Bubble Gang.

Zoren Legaspi & Carmina Villaroel Official On-Site Wedding Video

Here's the official on site wedding video of of Zoren Lagaspi & Carmina Villaroel.

24/7 Pacquiao vs. Marquez 4 - Episode 1

HBO's 24/7 on the fourth match between Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao and Juan Manuel Marquez.

Don't miss Pacquiao/Marquez 4 on Saturday, November 17. For more information on HBO Boxing, visit


Families of the victims of the Ampatuan Massacre express how they feel, one year after the brutal massacre of 58 people -- 32 of them journalists and media workers, in Ampatuan town, Maguindanao.

Executive Producer: ALWYN ALBURO
Production Managers: VERONICA UY / TJ BESA

1. CATHY NUNEZ -- mother of UNTV Reporter Victor Nunez
2. MYRNA REBLANDO -- wife of Manila Bulletin Reporter Bong Reblando
3. MARRIETTA TIAMZON -- daughter of Daniel Tiamzon, UNTV Media Worker
4. GRACE MORALES -- Sister OF MARITES CABLITAS (Wife of Rossel Morales) of News Focus

White Christmas, More Fun In The Philippines

It's true though, Christmas is more fun in the Philippines. Christmas songs every wear, all the parols, lights and holiday spirit. The food, parties, Noche Buena, fireworks in New Year. Nothing compares to it.

Photo courtesy of Philippine Department of Tourism NY Office.

Dumb Ways to Die

This is an Australian online video featuring cartoon creatures killing themselves in a variety of ways as part of a transport safety campaign.

The Cup Song (You're Gonna Miss Me)

This is pretty cool.

If you want to learn how to do it, here's a tutorial.

Here's the original which I just found.

It was also shown done by Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick.

Worlds Toughest Cops - Philippines

Plot: Murder, political unrest, armed robbery, drugs and terrorism - just part of everyday life in the Philippines. At the heart of the country lies Manila, a teeming metropolis of crime. Cameras follow the front line officers who police the dangerous slums of the city, and SWAT cops tell how they hunted down and killed the country's most wanted terrorist. Also, Manila's homicide unit hunts the killers of two of their team.

It's More Fun in the Philippines | DOT Official AVP

It's 7,107 times more fun in the Philippines. Watch the official Philippine Department of Tourism AVP to find out why.

PSY & MC Hammer - Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit Mashup (Live 2012 American Music Awards)

Korean sensation PSY closed out the 2012 American Music Awards with a performance of his hit 'Gangnam Style'. He was joined on stage by surprise guest MC Hammer for a special mash-up of 'Gangnam Style' and 'Too Legit To Quit'.

Paula Salvosa Interview

Paula Salvosa more popular known as Ms. Amalayer is interviewed at Aksyon TV to give her side of the story.

Amalayer Vice Ganda


Bioman Theme Song (Taglish Version)

Ever watch Bioman? Do you know how the song goes? I never understood it until I saw this video.

Zoren and Carmina Tie Knot In Surprise Wedding

The biggest story in showbiz today is the surprise wedding between Zoren Legaspi and Carmina Villaroel.

Here's the interview of the couple by Boy Abunda.

Interview with Carmina's twins.

Here's the official video of their wedding.

The Story Behind the Altercation Between the LRT2 Guard & Passenger

Here's the news story showing both sides of the story between the LRT2 Guard and Paula Jamie Salvosa, the lady who shouted at the guard. Let's give her the benefit of the doubt.

In this age of cellphone cameras, whatever you do in public can easily be shared to the world. Unfortunately, it's always the bad things that happens that gets highlighted.

Ms. Amalayer

I saw this video being posted on Facebook. The story is this, this lady passenger on the LRT was apparently was told by the lady guard to go to the other line since she was on the wrong line. She apparently got mad and started yelling at the guard.

A bystander took a video of the event and it's now trending.

Here's the video.

The lady is now being called Ms. Amalayer (I'm a liar) because of her repeated use of the word.

Of course, Filipinos, being the ingenious people that they are have created a parody of the incident.

And of course, there's a Manga made of her.

Artwork courtesy of Pinoy Jokes + Manga Art

So how can you top this? By combining the popular Gangnam Style with Amalayer.

Sotto apologizes to Kennedy family but denies plagiarizing speeches

From GMA News.

Senate Majority Floor Leader Vicente Sotto III on Tuesday apologized for upsetting the Kennedy family but maintained that he did not plagiarize parts of his speeches.

In a privilege speech on Tuesday, Sotto answered the allegations made against him by 37 individuals who filed an ethics complaint against him earlier in the day for alleged plagiarism.

He reiterated that he never claimed parts of his speech as his own and that he always said he got them from other sources.

"Wala po akong inangkin so papaano po ako mag-a-apologize ng plagiarism eh wala po akong plinagiarize... sinabi ko ngang hindi akin... para hong pinagpiplead guilty ako sa murder eh ang dapat charge physical injuries," he said.

Sotto said his accusers are still basing their allegation on the draft copy of his speech where his blanket attribution was not yet included.

"Maliwanag po doon sa tatlong turno en contra speeches ko [na] ilang ulit ko pong sinabi and the journal will bear me out w…

Die Hard 5 Official Trailer (2013)

John McClane is back in Die Hard 5! Here's the official trailer.

Robert F. Kennedy Center Formal Complaint Against Tito Sotto

Saw this on Pro RH Bill's Facebook page. The formal complaint sent by the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights to Senator Tito Sotto against plagiarizing Robert F. Kennedy's speech.

Kennedy to Sotto: 'This is a clear case of plagiarism'


MANILA, Philippines - Long is the saga of Sottogate, yet allegations against Senator Tito Sotto continue.

Now 4 US copyright holders have spoken out, including the president of the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights: RFK’s daughter, Kerry Kennedy.

All this began again the other day, when Sarah Pope, Janice Formichella, and Peter Engelman issued a joint statement alleging that Sotto had “infringed on our intellectual property rights and plagiarized.”

Their protest was swiftly dismissed by Sotto and his staff, who, according to GMA News, “questioned its authenticity, pointing out that it did not even have an official letterhead.”

This, after Sotto’s chief of staff, Hector Villacorta, reportedly said they would address the issue only after the aggrieved parties complained.

Complain they have, in no uncertain terms. Yet when Formichella wrote about the issue in Ms. Magazine, Sotto churlishly said: “She is pathetic. She is just riding on to get famous.”

Manic Monday Acoustic

I found this great acoustic version of Manic Monday by The Bangles.

They still sound great and Susana Hoffs is still hot! I think she looks hotter now than she did in the 1980s.

Crazy Sushi Chef

This is how a sushi chef cuts an

2012 Voting Machines Altering Votes

Could this potentially be vote rigging in today's US Election? I saw this video shot by a voter saying that whenever he pushed Obama on the voting machine, it keeps highlighting Romney.

He tried other candidates, but they work fine. Check it out.

English Is Not That Easy


Darth Vader: What Are You Going to Do Next?

Now that Darth Vader is part of the Disney Family, find out where he's going next.

New 7 Wonders of Nature 2011 Puerto Princesa Underground River Palawan

Puerto Princesa Underground River, Longest underground cave river in the world.

The Philippines is home to some of the world's most beautiful scenery. When taken care of properly, they provide jobs and income to the local people. This is just one example of how beautiful the Philippines is.