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3 Cost Effective Ways to Solve Metro Manila's Traffic Problem

The Facebook page of ANC 24/7 is asking for its reader's suggestion on how to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem.

This got me thinking, "what is the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem?" It's easy to make suggestions, what's hard is the implementation and the cost of implementation. So what is the the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem and the most cost effective solution?

Punitive Fines
First of all, any implementation will definitely cost money, a lot of money. The cause of the traffic mess is the people themselves so it's only right that those causing the traffic problem should be fined and the fine should hurt. That way, the fines will pay for the cost of enforcing the law.
The fines should start at P500 and goes up every week if you don't pay it within 15 days. To enforce this and prevent people from ignoring the fine. It will be tied to their driver's license or car registration. They cannot renew their d…

Shaq vs Oscar Dela Hoya

I saw this episode of Shaq vs where NBA champion Shaquille O'Neal challenges the most elite athletes in their own sports.

In this episode, Shaq goes against Oscar Dela Hoya in boxing. Shaq has on his corner, the legendary trainer of Manny Pacquiao, Freddie Roach. Shaq stands 7'1" and Oscar Dela Hoya at 5'10". Who will win this fight? Watch.

One dead as 7.7-magnitude quake hits Philippines

From Philstar.

MANILA, Philippines - A 7.7-magnitude undersea quake struck off the eastern coast of Samar province on Friday night, triggering tsunami warnings across a wide swath of Asia.

Undersecretary Benito Ramos, head of the National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council (NDRRMC), reported that 50-year-old Emilita Ubalde was killed and Adrian Ubalde, 5, was injured in a landslide in Barangay Lapasan, Cagayan de Oro City. The landslide occurred after the earthquake.

Meanwhile, a report by radio dzMM said that a house in Agusan del Sur province was hit by a fire. The report said that the fire was sparked by a gas lamp that was toppled during the earthquake.

There were some reports of cracked roads after the quake. Local officials in Samar province said that there was a report that a bridge collapsed.

The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said that the quake struck 112 kilometers southeast of Guian, Samar. The quake, which was tectonic in origin, …

Clint Eastwood 2012 Republican National Convention Speech

Here's the famous speech by Clint Eastwood at the 2012 Republican National Convention talking to an invisible Obama. It's all over the Twitterverse.

Finally! A Politician Free Banner for a Government Project

I can't believe I finally found a banner for a government project where the name of a politician is completely missing and is attributed to the people.

This banner which was put up announcing the improvement of the drainage and flood control system in Nueva Vizcaya should be the standard as opposed to banners announcing that a certain politician is responsible for the project.

No politician is responsible for any government projects. Government projects are all funded by taxpayer money and any politician putting their name on the project should be ashamed of themselves.

Here's the banner.

Here are some other banners put up by shameless politicians as a way to grab credit.

All photos courtesy of Anti-Epal.

The Avengers Movie CLIP - Captain America Deleted Scene (2012)

The Avengers Movie CLIP - Captain America Deleted Scene (2012) - Marvel Movie

Nick Fury and the international agency S.H.I.E.L.D. bring together a team of super humans to form The Avengers to help save the Earth from Loki & his various membered army.

Woman commits suicide at LRT station

From Philstar.

MANILA, Philippines - A woman jumped to her death in front of an approaching train at the Light Rail Transit’s EDSA station in Pasay City yesterday morning.

The unidentified victim died on the spot after her head was crushed by the train at around 5:50 a.m. LRT Authority spokesman Hernando Cabrera told ABS-CBN that footage taken by closed-circuit television cameras show the “woman jumped into the tracks right after the platform guard walked by her.”

The woman, described to be between the ages of 50 and 60, was wearing jeans and a gray shirt, according to police. She had no other items on her person except an LRT ticket and P29 in coins.

The woman’s suicide disrupted operations at the rail line, forcing it to operate only from Roosevelt to the Central Station until around 6:30 a.m., right at the start of the morning rush hour.

Cabrera said they were able to resume full rail line operations at the LRT Line 1 at around 9:35 a.m.

No suicide watch

Cabrera said they “don’t rea…

Batman of Shanghai

This is a great animated short from Cartoon Network.

State Funeral

It's more fun in the Philippines!

From Showbiz Government

Philippines vs USA (Jones Cup 2012)

From Asia-Basket.

Philippines earned William Jones Cup title. They defeated USA selection for the trophy.
LA Tenorio (177-PG-84) dropped a late jumper to seal the victory for Philippines. USA fell at 5-3 record after the loss.
The North American team led one point after ten minutes 13:12. They stretched the lead in the second quarter. USA accumulated a 34:23 halftime lead. But Philippines picked up the tempo in the second half. They unloaded 28 points in the third term to narrow the gap at 8-point mark. Philippines unleashed 25 points in the final stanza and eked out a tough victory at the end. LA Tenorio delivered 20 points for Philippines. Marcus Douthit (210-C/F-80, agency: Edge Sports, college: Providence) added 17 points and 12 rebounds in the victory. Wayne Arnold (193-G-84, agency: Top Notch Sports, college: Tennessee St.) and James Justice (177-PG-89, college: Martin Methodist) provided 17 points each for USA.

Philippines: LA Tenorio 20, Jeffrei Chan (192-F-83) 18, Marcus D…

Neil Armstrong 1930 - 2012

Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon passed away on Aug 25, 2012 due to complication from cardiovascular surgery. He was 82.

Perfecto De Castro Amazing Filipino Guitar Artist

From his bio.

Perfecto De Castro is the quintessential guitarist’s guitarist. Well-versed in a multitude of musical styles, his affinity with the instrument is evident in everything he does; from unleashing an emotion-laden solo with an overdriven electric guitar, to navigating complex musical counterpoint on his 10-string classical guitar.

Perf, as he is known to Filipino music fans, is best recognized as the original guitarist for 90s Pinoy Rock supergroup Rivermaya. Since his departure from the band he has added numerous credits to his wide and varied list of accomplishments; from producing platinum selling albums by Wolfgang and Marc Velasco, to lending his guitar wizardry to Pinoy Music Icons Mike Hanopol and Francis M, to garnering awards such as NU 107’s Guitar of the Year as well as from Philippine Music organizations Awit and Katha.

Since relocating to Southern California in mid-2004, Perfecto has pursued a career as a solo concert guitarist, performing Classical and World mu…

RIP Jerry Nelson, Sesame Street's "The Count,"

Jerry Nelson, the puppeteer behind Sesame Street's "The Count" has died. In Memoriam: Jerry Nelson.

I grew up watching Sesame Street and the Count was on of my favorite characters. He was 78 ah ah ah...

Here's a clip of The Count.

And here's a funny one created by CanonD265 which was posted on Youtube. It's called, The Count Censored.

WXB102 - Internet Radio Station

This is WXB102, The Station That Dares To Be Different. A defunct commercial radio station that was closed down in 1987 and revived in 2005 as an internet radio station.

The Cure, Bauhaus, Sisters Of Mercy, The Adventures, Elvis Costello, The Alarm, Cactus World News, The Clash, Berlin, Bob Marley, The Smiths, Kraftwerk, Care, The Go Betweens, Joy Division, Big Country, WHITE CHINA, and MORE.

WXB102 plays music that no radio station played during its time. This internet broadcast is intended for its old fans and for listeners who just appreciate its unique brand of music.

Listen here

First Female Supreme Court of the Philippines Chief Justice

From Philstar.

MANILA, Philippines - President Aquino appointed yesterday Supreme Court Associate Justice Maria Lourdes Punzalan Aranal-Sereno as the 24th chief justice, the first woman to head the country’s highest tribunal.

Sereno is President Aquino’s first appointee to the Supreme Court (SC).

Among her notable votes in the SC are those in favor of the Cojuangcos on land valuation for Hacienda Luisita, and against the departure of former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo ostensibly for treatment abroad.

At 52, Sereno is the second youngest chief magistrate after Manuel Moran, who was appointed at 51.

Sereno is slated to become the second longest serving chief magistrate – for 18 years, or until she reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70.

Pre-war chief justice Cayetano Arellano served for 18 years and 10 months.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda said Aquino signed the appointment of Sereno yesterday and it was immediately transmitted to her office.

Sereno replaced Renato Coro…

Manny Pacquiao's Dictionary

Saw this on Facebook. It's kinda funny.

Jimmy Fallon Barbershop Quartet

What happens when you fuse reggae music with a barbershop quartet? Let Jimmy Fallon of Late Night show it to you.

LEAKED Official Apple iPhone 5 Promo Video

The iPhone 5 has a way better camera than previous iPhone versions.

Robert Blair Carabuena Apologizes

Robert Blair Carabuena who mauled an MMDA enforcer delivers a public apology at the MMDA Main Office.

He read his public apology for mauling the MMDA enforcer Saturnino Fabros at the MMDA. MMDA Chairman Francis Tolentino accepted the apology but said that Carbuena will still face legal sanctions.

Photo courtesy of GMA News
More details at the Inquirer.

Plagiarism common practice, OK in Senate, says Sotto’s aide

I just read this article in the Inquirer about the plagiarism issue of Tito Sotto.

Suffice to say, it got my blood boiling. How stupid can these people be? Just because a blogger wrote it doesn't mean it's free for all. Just because someone took a photo doesn't mean someone can use it for free and make money out of it.

The worst part is, they said that it's common practice in the Senate so it's ok to copy.

Here's what Tito Sotto's chief of staff Hector Villacorta said,

“We plagiarized the US Constitution. All the amendments became our Bill of Rights. But do they call us a plagiaristic country? No, because the law is based on precedent,” Sotto’s chief of staff said.

“Even our Insurance Code is a plagiarized document. The proposed freedom of information bill is plagiarized. What’s more, the Senate and House (of Representatives) versions of the RH bill are very similar. So who is plagiarizing who?” he added.

Villacorta reminded everyone that “the Bible reached …

Funny Filipino Signs 4

Tea's funny because...

This will complement the above very well.

Complete MSL Curiosity Descent

In case you didn't know. NASA recently landed the Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity. It's amazing what science can do and I always love the exploration of space.

I found this high resolution video of the Curiosity rover's descent to Mars taken by the MARDI descent imager.


Can you believe it? We are actually looking at another planet here.

Bogart the Explorer's Biggest Catch

Funny episode/ad of Bogart the Explorer. I love the part about the photographers.

Anatomy of Pinoy Street Food

Philippine street food consists of simple fare that is easy to prepare and eat and consequently have become the staples of street vendors. Some of the foods are sold already prepared while others are cooked on the spot.

Street food is often seen as dirty, but this is mainly a problem with unlicensed vendors. While most street foods are not particularly nutritious, they are convenient, and the foods and vendor's carts and equipment are very much a part of the urban landscape. There are many types of street foods, here are certain favorites found in almost every place in the Philippines.


Hon. Jesse M. Robrero

Last Saturday, after an official visit to Cebu and instead of boarding a flight back to Manila, Sec. Robredo took a private plane en route to his hometown of Naga City so he can watch one of his daughters receive an award from a swimming competition. However, his plane encountered engine trouble and crash landed in the waters off Masbate. Two pilots also perished in the accident while his aide managed to be rescued. A sad day for the Philippines.


Batman Begins DVD Extras

Very interesting part in the making of Batman Begins. I love how these movies create or discover fighting methods never seen before in movies like what they did in the Bourne movies.

Here's the description.

'Shaping mind and body'

About the Keysi Fighting Method

Disclaimer..Nothing belongs to me, but their owners
No copyright Infrigement Intended

KFM is the fighting style which is primarily used by Christian Bale in Batman Begins, and will also be featured in The Dark Knight.

Bale had this to say about the martial art:

We've gone a bit further with Keysi (...). I'm actually learning how to do it more realistically than ever before, though it's such an extreme way of fighting; there are literally moves where you tear someone's cheek away from their face, or rip their nose off - every part of you becomes a weapon. It's formidable. Batman doesn't kill, so we can't have him doing that; we modify it.

"We really wanted something that would look …

Anne Curtis' Sexy Dress

I don't know where Anne Curtis went when she wore this dress. But it's va-va-boom!

Photo source.

Melissa Manchester - Midnight Blue

Some soft rock oldies for you. Melissa Manchester sings Midnight Blue in Burt Sugarman's The Midnight Special.

Here's a live version that's also great.

Dora the Explorer Movie Trailer (with Ariel Winter)

What happens when you turn Dora the Explorer into a real live action movie?

The Saturnino Fabros Incident

From a Facebook post regarding the motorist who mauled an MMDA enforcer.

According to Robert Blair Carabuena's cousin, the MMDA smashed his car while saying "Putang ina mo" (Son of a b*tch) that provoked the anger of Mr. Carabuena.

The lady said: "If MMDA wanted to gain respect. They should start by respecting motorists."

According to his LinkedIn profile, Robert Blair Carabuena graduated at ADMU with a degree in psychology. Based on that video, he puts the psycho in psychology.

When the video of him mauling a traffic enforcer went viral, Robert Blair Carabuena, who’s also on Twitter decided to protect his tweets by making changes in the settings. No word yet on whether or not there will be changes in his behavior.

The motorist who manhandled an MMDA traffic enforcer has deleted/deactivated his Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. Karma is digital.

Robert Blair Carabuena has taken down his accounts in social networking sites. He bullies traffic enforcers bu…

Motorist Mauls MMDA Enforcer

TV5 producers happened to chance upon this incident. The motorist is identified as Robert Blair Carabuena resourcing supervisor at Philip Morris International and an alumnus of Ateneo de Manila - manhandling an on-duty MMDA traffic enforcer. The incident took place at Capitol Hills Drive corner Tandang Sora in Quezon City on Saturday.

Full story and video here.

Bakit Ang Mga Pinoy

I must admit, I do that sometimes. :)

Soft autonomous earthworm robot at MIT

I love science and technology. Here's a new robot earthworm developed by MIT. When perfected, it has the potential applications to be use for medical science.

It creep along the ground by alternately squeezing and stretching muscles along the length of their bodies, inching forward with each wave of contractions. Snails and sea cucumbers also use this mechanism, called peristalsis, to get around, and our own gastrointestinal tracts operate by a similar action, squeezing muscles along the esophagus to push food to the stomach.

Batman - Dark Knightfall

This is a Batman fan made stop-motion animation directed by Derek Kwok and Henri Wong of Parabucks co. using Batman toys.

This is amazingly done.

For Better or Worse

From GMA News.

As the water rose in Manila on Wednesday, Hernelie Ruazol and Ram Ocampo didn't realize that their vow "for better or worse" would be tested so early. They were married inside a church but exited to a deluge. "I only wished to have a simple wedding but we had an extraordinary one!" said Hernelie, an elementary school teacher.

Photo courtesy of Hernelie Ruazol.

Women's imperfections & flaws : clichés and parodies

Great collection of funny commercials about women.

Seiko Wallet - Ang Wallet Na Masuwerte

New 2011 Seiko Wallet commercial. I thought it was funny.

Bourne Legacy - Deleted Scene

Can you figure out why this scene was deleted from the movie The Bourne Legacy? Look closely.

Click for a larger photo.

Garbage Manila

Here's part of the reason that help contribute to the recent flood in Metro Manila.

This is in Arranque Market along Soler.

When will people learn not to just throw their garbage anywhere? You see it all the time at this market, it's all dumped on the street. These garbage are rotten fish, vegetables and meat. They should be composted and properly disposed of. And people wade and swim in the flood waters with these.

This is normally how the drainage system looks like in the Philippines.

Nothing ever changes.

Where To Look for Flooding Evidence On A Car

This is a good tip from Top Gear Philippines.

Flood Photos Around the Binondo Area

Here are some photos during the flood around the Binondo area. More photos at Ermie Cue's Facebook account.

Australian Tourists Swim With Kids in Flooded Lagusnilad

These Australians took advantage of the massive flooding in Manila as they swam with children in the swamped Lagusnilad bridge in front of the Manila City Hall on Wednesday.

Dangerous Streets

The flooding cause some damages on the streets of Metro Manila. Here are some areas you should look out for while driving.

This is along EDSA near Connecticut in front of Petron. This sinkhole damaged 7 tires in a span of 45 minutes.

Be careful driving.


To those of you not familiar with Lagusnilad, it's an underpass near Manila City Hall. It's about 20 feet deep and was turned into a virtual swimming pool during the flood.

Here's the before and after photo.

Photos of the Flood in University of Santo Tomas

Here are some photos of the flooding in UST. Photos taken by Paul Quiambao. Check out his Facebook album, he's got some excellent photos of UST and not just of the flood.