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3 Cost Effective Ways to Solve Metro Manila's Traffic Problem

The Facebook page of ANC 24/7 is asking for its reader's suggestion on how to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem.

This got me thinking, "what is the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem?" It's easy to make suggestions, what's hard is the implementation and the cost of implementation. So what is the the best way to solve Metro Manila's traffic problem and the most cost effective solution?

Punitive Fines
First of all, any implementation will definitely cost money, a lot of money. The cause of the traffic mess is the people themselves so it's only right that those causing the traffic problem should be fined and the fine should hurt. That way, the fines will pay for the cost of enforcing the law.
The fines should start at P500 and goes up every week if you don't pay it within 15 days. To enforce this and prevent people from ignoring the fine. It will be tied to their driver's license or car registration. They cannot renew their d…

Kung Kaya Mo, Kaya Ko Rin! (1996) Cesar Montano, Maricel Soriano

Starring Cesar Montano, Maricel Soriano, Willie Revillame, Rachel Lobangco, Mark Gil, Ricardo Cepeda, Charlie Davao, Ruby Rodriguez, Meryll Soriano, Ronald Asinas, Erick Torrente, Joe Jardy and Alex Tolentino / Directed by Danilo P. Cabreira

Logitech UE 600vi Review

Update: Sept 11, 2015 - My Ultimate Ears 600vi finally died to me. Actually, only one ear sort of died. I think the wire inside got cut so I can't hear music on the right side of the earphone unless I hold it a certain way. It's too bad. It's probably the earphone that lasted the longest for me. I had it for almost 2 years and used it daily. For CAD$79.99, it's not bad.

I tried to look for a replacement, but I think Ultimate Ears has discontinued selling low end earphones and only see speakers and high end earphones on their website. Oh well, try to see what else is out there. I'm considering some other brands and see if I can find something as good as the UE 600vi.

I just got myself the Logitech UE 600vi noise-isolating earphones yesterday. If you read by previous review on the Logitech UE 350vi, I mentioned that those earphones died on me when one ear lost all sound and I was looking for a replacement.

After doing my research, I almost bought the Klipsch S4i unti…

Alyas Kumander Toothpick (1987) Ramon Revilla Sr.

Based On The Life Story of Feliciano Luces. .. Starring Ramon Revilla Sr., Paquito Diaz, Max Alvarado, Charlie Davao, Romy Diaz, Dang Cecilio, Tanya Gomez, Rey 'PJ' Abellana, Johnny Madrid, Raoul Aragonn, Ruel Vernal, Karim Kiram, Johnny Vicar, Yusuf Salim, Vic Varrion, Ernie Ortega, Fred Moro, Jose Romulo, Robert Talby, Ernie David, Nonoy De Guzman, and Marilou Sadiua / Directed by PABLO SANTiAGO

Makati Police Explains The Dasmarinas Incident and Arrest of 3 Guards

This is the kind of politicians that the Filipino people votes for. I don't know why when their own arrogance is called out, it is automatically labelled politically motivated. What is the political agenda of 3 lowly guards who are just doing their job?

The video starts at 10:25.

3 Dasma Guards Who Stopped Binay Convoy Held and Then Freed

From the Inquirer

MANILA, Philippines—Makati Mayor Junjun Binay ordered the arrest of three security guards of a posh subdivision in the city when the guards refused to allow his four-car convoy to pass through a restricted gate close to midnight on Nov. 30, according to a source privy to the incident.

The entire incident at the gate of Banyan and McKinley Roads was recorded by the closed-circuit television cameras of North Forbes Park and Dasmariñas Village, the source, who asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal from City Hall, told the Inquirer.

Based on a 24-minute video, a copy of which was obtained by the Inquirer, the standoff was witnessed by the mayor’s sister, Sen. Nancy Binay, a passenger of one of the vehicles.

The siblings are the children of Vice President Jejomar Binay, a former mayor of Makati who has declared he will run for president in 2016.

The mayor came from his sister’s house in Dasmariñas Village when their convoy was not allowed to get past the Banyan…

Tacloban's REO Brothers at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special 2013

The REO Brothers from Tacloban sings a medley of Beatles greatest hits at the ABS-CBN Christmas Special. They sound almost like The Beatles!

The REO brothers are survivors of Typhoon Yolanda, they relocated to Metro Manila after the typhoon. They traveled to Manila in a Philtranco bus for two days surviving on candies and biscuits. They left Tacloban penniless and only the clothes they have were the ones they were wearing. The only thing they were able to save during the storm was their all important guitars!

Here's the full background story about the REO Brothers.

Psychologist defends 'affluenza' decision

I don't know if you've heard of this incident recently. But 16-year-old Ethan Couch killed 4 people and injured 9 including one that will be paralyzed for life when he got into an accident while driving drunk. The sentence he got? 10 years probation. Why so light a sentence? Apparently, according to a psychologist, he's suffering from Affluenza, it's because his family is so rich, he has no concept of consequences in life and not realizing the severity of his actions.

Here's a video of his interview with Anderson Cooper of CNN.

Even though the kid got off, the Affluenza family is now being sued by the victims for at least $20 million.

Home Along da Riles 2 (1997) Comedy King Dolphy

Stars Dolphy and Nova Villa.

Bagets (1984)

This was a very popular movie when it came out.

Bagets (1984) | A Pinas Dekada '80 Feature Presentation
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Labels Against Women - Pantene Commercial

70% of men think that women need to downplay their personality to be accepted. Pantene asks everyone to whip away the double standards that hold women back. Because when you stand strong, you shine.

Ellen Adarna Exercise Video

You'll definitely get a work out after watching Ellen Adarna exercise.

She's hot.

Filipino Values Through TV Commercials

In 1986, the Development Bank of the Philippines (DBP) ran a series of ads about values. I remember them strongly as it shaped how I viewed Filipino values. Unfortunately, nobody seems to be following these values today especially in our crop of politicians.

I recently got into a conversation with some friends on how our society no longer have these values but have moved to a mendicant and entitled society especially among the poor. It's sad to see the deterioration of the strong Filipino values I used to see when I was younger and I do not know if they teach these values to our kids now.

If we are to change our future, it has to start with us and we should pass it on to our children.

Father still looking for Hyundai Santa Fe driver who shot his daughter after road altercation


The father of a child who was allegedly shot during a road altercation is still looking for the unidentified motorist whom he claimed seriously wounded his daughter.

In a phone interview with, the father, who refused to be identified, said he was driving his two daughters to school, with his wife when a Hyundai Santa Fe approached, its headlights blindingly bright.

On the early morning of Friday last week, the father's vehicle and the Hyundai came close to one another along M.H. del Pilar St., Barangay Bungad in Quezon City.

The father lowered his window to speak with the other driver in "a nice way," he toldÂ

He said he could not remember what the motorist looked like, even though the latter rolled down his heavily tinted window slightly during the altercation.

“Brod, pwede mo bang ibaba ‘yung ilaw (Friend, can you lower your light)?” he had said. The driver’s reply, said the father, was, “Eh, ano ngayon…

Tacloban Mayor Alfredo Romualdez Blast Mar Roxas and President Aquino

MANILA -Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez on Monday criticized President Aquino and Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas for engaging in partisan politics immediately after super typhoon Yolanda ravaged his city.

Romualdez said the national government ignored his request to augment the police force. He, however, confirmed that the Philippine National Police sent Special Action Forces elements to the city.

He also said he had “difficulty communicating” with the national government officials because “there were things asked of us.”

“They wanted an ordinance immediately for a curfew. And I said: it is difficult to have an ordinance for a curfew because we have no fiscal’s office, no court. If these people violate the curfew and be arrested, how can they post bail? Why don’t we just have checkpoints? And this went on and on, and yet every day. We were meeting every day, every morning. I could not understand why we could not get that support,” he said.

He said that in one meeti…

Yolanda MAR ROXAS Telling off Tacloban Mayor Alfred Romualdez

The ongoing drama between Tacloban Mayor Alfredo Romualdez and Mar Roxas and President Aquino is summed up by this video.

Here you can here Mar Roxas telling Mayor Romualdez, "You have to understand you are a Romualdez and the President is an Aquino so so we just want to legalize if not legalized well ok you are in charge we can't help you bahala na kayo sa buhay niyo."

This is during the process of trying to save victims of Typhoon Yolanda.

Here's the whole video.

QRT: Mga stall na nakahambalang sa kalsada sa Divisoria, pinagbabaklas

Clearing operation in Divisoria.

La Salle Graduate Will Be First Filipino To Fly Into Space


MANILA, Philippines – From more than 28,000 aspiring astronauts in the Philippines, down to 400, then 50, and finally down to the top 3, one man has emerged victorious: 22-year-old Chino Roque, the first Filipino to go to space.

“Right now I’m very happy that a lot of people have been showing me their love and support. I feel so blessed and grateful to all of them,” says Chino, who spoke to Rappler through Skype just a few hours after his announcement as winner.

The 22-year-old psychology graduate from De La Salle Manila will be one of 22 individuals who'll travel to space in 2014. But his journey wasn't exactly smooth sailing.

Twist of fate

In the beginning, the fitness coach and psychology graduate wasn’t even supposed to go to space camp. On the final day of challenges in August, two men were left standing: Evan Rey Datuin from Dasmariñas, Cavite and Mario Mendoza Jr. from Taytay, Rizal. Chino placed fifth. A third winner, Ramil Santos, would later join the …

Horsey-horsey: Tigidig-tigidig (1986) - Tito ,Vic & Joey

Stars: Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Maricel Soriano, Gary Valenciano, Amado Cortez, Lucita Soriano, Romy Diaz, Deborah Sun, Bomber Moran, Manilyn Reynes, Chuckie Dreyfuss
Genres: Comedy
Country: Philippines
Language: Filipino | Tagalog
Release Date: 1 May 1986 (Philippines)
Production Co: Regal Films

Miriam's Top 6 'Pork' Punch Lines

She's known for her pickup lines, but this time, Sen Santiago directs her anger -- and humor -- on the pork barrel scam.
In a speech at the National Student Conference on Hotel and Restaurant Management, the senator draws laughter from the audience with her pork barrel punch lines.

Viral: The cutest wedding proposal ever in Binondo

Wedding proposals are getting more and more elaborate. This sets the bar higher for the yet to be married guys out there.

Alice Dixson - FHM

Miss Alice Dixson is the December 2013 cover girl for FHM. I would like to write some more about this, but I'll let the picture speak for itself.

Here some behind the scenes look at the photo shoot.

Takot Ako Sa Darling Ko! (1997) Joey de Leon, Dennis Padilla, April Boy Regino

Starring Joey de Leon, Dennis Padilla, April Boy Regino, Jenny Syquia, Gloria Romero, Erika Fife, Richard Merck, Pocholo Montes, Nonong De Andres and Beverly Salviejo / Directed by LEO VALDEZ

BP: Press Briefing ni Rep. Manny Pacquiao sa GenSan

Manny Pacquiao's press conference regarding his asset being frozen by the BIR for not paying P2.2 billion in taxes.

Rios Crying On Interview After Pacquiao Beat Him Up

Bam Bam crybaby Rios talks about how fast Pacman was and cries at the end of interview. November 23 2013 Clash in Cotai.

DLSU vs UST Game 3 UAAP Oct.12, 2013

For those who missed the most exciting finals of the UAAP between DLSU and UST this past October, here is the full game.

Mag-toning Muna Tayo (1981) Vic Sotto, Joey de Leon, Tito Sotto

Pinoy comedy starring Tito, Vic and Joey.

Lugaw Queen - Karen Davila's "My Puhunan"

Amazing success story from humble beginnings.

Eyewitness Footage of Typhoon Haiyan Washing House Away

Here's a video of a house being swept away by Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

Here's the description from the make of the video.

"Footage taken at 6am on Friday 8 November as the storm hit Hernani in Eastern Samar. Plan staff member Nickson Gensis took this while sheltering on the 2nd floor of a house less than a few hundred metres from the sea.

"Six of us took refuge on the top floor of a boarding house. Five were praying and I was filming. The others called me to pray with them but I said that I needed to document this."

"Three of our group were male and we all wore trunks so that we could swim if we needed to. We were so scared. But I thought, 'if I die, so be it'."

"It was like a huge tsunami but the water receded quickly afterwards. We ventured downstairs and outside around noon. I took shots of the boarding house we had been in because I was so thankful thank it protected me. At 2pm I started work, travelling to assess the damage to villag…

Anderson Cooper - Finding Strength After The Storm

Anderson reflects on everything he has seen and the strength he witnessed in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan.

Mar Roxas Grilled On CNN With Andrew Stevens

"Nothing is fast enough in a situation like this. The situation is under control." -- DILG Secretary Mar Roxas to CNN Andrew Stevens on Super Typhoon Yolanda's Preparedness & Organized Relief Operations

Video from: CNN

Philippine secretary: We need medicine

Philippine Interior Secretary Mar Roxas tells CNN that what is needed most in Haiyan's wake are medicine and supplies.

Philippine official: Nothing fast enough

Andrew Stevens speaks with Philippines Interior Minister Mar Roxas about what is being done to get aid to his people.

Government Delays German Medical Team

Can you really blame the Filipino people from being pissed off and frustrated at the government?

Post by Filipinos Abroad - Ramil T. Queroyla.

CNN's Anderson Cooper Talks About Korina Sanchez

Here is Anderson Cooper's response to the criticism of Korina Sanchez when she said Anderson Cooper doesn't know what he was talking about.

Post by Nakaka WOW Videos.

Anderson Cooper Reporting in Tacloban

This comment by Anderson Cooper is stinging.

Post by Sheryl Garcia Reyes.

How to Help Philippines Typhoon Victims

The NY Times has compiled a list of organizations where you can donate to help the Typhoon victims in the Philippines.

I suggest you send your donations to these confirmed and legitimate organizations only.

The other day, while grocery shopping, I was approached by a lady asking me to sign something. When I asked what it was, she told me it's to help the Typhoon victims in the Philippines.

She never asked me for a donation right away, but instead, handed me a pen and a clipboard to sign my name and on the clipboard is a small brochure with a name of an organization and some photos of some children. Only when I asked what it was for did she tell me it was for donation to the Philippines (initially, I thought it was to sign up for credit card).

I have never heard of the organization before and I do not know if they are a legitimate organization. I don't even know if they were allowed by the store to be in there to solicit donations. Maybe there are legitimate, but I am always wa…

Giporlos, Eastern Samar in Ruins After Yolanda

An interview with Mark S. Biong Mayor Giporlos Eastern Samar. Biong tells government officials and reporters, "It's total destruction,". At least 95% of the town has been damaged. Biong has no estimates of casualties or survivors.

Bugoy (1979) Comedy King Dolphy

Starring Comedy King Dolphy, Lotis Key, Panchito, Paquito Diaz, Max Alvardao, Ernie Ortega, Baldo Marro, Conde Ubaldo, Hero Bautista, Marissa Del Mar, Moody Diaz, Er Canton Salazar, Fred Esplana, Jay Grama, Boy Pineda, Paquito Bautista and SOS Daredevils / Directed by Jett C. Espiritu

Various Videos of the Destruction of Super Typhoon Yolanda

Super Typhoon Yolanda in Virac, Catanduanes

Super Typhoon (Haiyan) Yolanda Philippines - Incredible footages storm #YolandaPH November 2013

Super typhoon Haiyan yolanda Philippines typhoon philippines 2013 - Monster typhoon Haiyan hits Philippines [SCARY FOOTAGES] Typhoon Haiyan makes landfall in Philippines Typhoon Haiyan, super huge typhoon Philippines 2013 today Philippines hurricane raw footages huracan en filipinas typhoon storm hits impact philippines natural disaster phillipines 2013 one of the world largest storms ever, is currently making landfall in the Philippines. The storm has sustained winds of around 200mph, strong even for a category 5 hurricane. People in the Philippines are currently bracing for what is to come. The particular footage here was filmed from Yap island, east of the Philippines.

Video of Super Typhoon Yolanda in Tacloban City

Here's a video of Super Typhoon Yolanda captured in Tacloban City.

Post by Ormoc City, Leyte.

PAGASA: Bagyong Yolanda, pinakamalakas na bagyo sa buong mundo ngayong 2013

Super Typhoon Yolanda has now been rated as the strongest typhoon in the world this year. Storm Signal No. 4 has now been raised in several parts of the country.

SONA: Napoles, naging mailap sa pagsagot sa Senate inquiry

Janet Napoles finally testifies at the Senate Inquiry and the Senators got...nothing.

Arnold Clavio's Apology...To Someone

Arnold Clavio apologized on air for his outburst the other day when he spoke with Atty. Alfredo Villamor where he basically lambasted the guy for not knowing any more info about Janet Napoles' case considering Atty. Villamor is only handling Napoles' bail and nothing else.

Here is Arnold Clavio's apology to someone, but definitely not to Atty. Alfredo Villamor.

The arrogance of media personalities in the Philippines is simply disgusting.

Super Typhoon Yolanda

Here is the path of Super Typhoon Yolanda. Please take the necessary precautions.

Here is an infographic posted by the Philippine Red Cross on their Facebook Page.

DOST: 'Yolanda' can topple, uproot coconut trees, rip out roofs

There's a super typhoon coming.

From ANC|Yahoo! Philippines

(UPDATE) As the country braces itself for what could be super typhoon, Department of Science and Technology (DOST) Sec. Mario Montejo warned residents in the path of the storm to prepare for the worst.

In an interview with DZMM's Ted Failon, Montejo said the weather disturbance, with international name "Haiyan," could intensify into a powerful howler with winds reaching 200 kilometers per hour that could take down and uproot even coconut trees.

"We will not be surprised if it hits 200 (kph). Para maimagine natin na 200. Maimagine natin na what happened to Pablo. What happened to the latest typhoon in Cagayan na 132 (kph). This is much stronger. So yung mga niyog, matututmba yang mga yan," Montejo said.

He also said the storm could "rip out the roofs of houses" and old structures such as churches. Montejo also advised residents to anchor or tie down the roofs of their houses.
"Ang pag…

Arnold Clavio's interview with Atty. Alfredo Villamor (Janet Napoles' Lawyer) Unang Hirit November 5, 2013

Watch Arnold Clavio's interview with Janet Napoles' lawyer, Atty. Alfredo Villamor. His comments on air are totally unprofessional and uncalled for. What an asshole.

A Diagram of Driving Through Manila

In a nutshell.

Motorist Beware

This has been posted by several friends and one said he was actually caught by this guy.

Beware and remember this Face! He is a MTPB positioned near Binondo Church. He will flag you down and suddenly said that you have beaten the red light. And at the same time mention in front of you the amount you will be paying for your violation, which he already summarized. Plus saying you will be needing to have seminars. Hoping you will beg him to spare you. For things you didn't commit in the first place. Let's cooperate please share... So as to get rid of this kind of extortionist working as traffic aide here in Metro-Manila. I didnt sign the ticket he gave me. I plan to complain in City hall. To give this person a lesson... please share!!!

John & Marsha (Sa Probinsiya)

Starring DA King of Comedy Dolphy,Nida Blanca,Rolly Quizon,Maricel Soriano,Ely Roque, Madel De Leon,Dely Atay Atayan,Matutina,Panchito,Palito,Teroy De Guzman,Bayani Casimiro,Benny Mack,Don Pepot,Mary Walter,Mylene Solano,Zeny Zabala,Max Vera,Robert Miller,Ben Johnson,Fred Esplana,Jay Grama,
Directed By,Jett C.Espiritu

The Making Of 'Gutter Oil'

Poisoned at the Source: China's Food Production Up Close.

This is probably the most disgusting thing you'll see about food production in China.

Short Jokes

A: It's the same as a French kiss, but 'downunder.'

A: Melt them down, make a tire, and call it a Goodyear.

A: Because when they come, they're wild and wet, and when they go, they take your house and car with them.

A: Because they don't have any balls to scratch...


Q: What is a man's Ultimate embarrassment?
A: Running into a wall with an erection and breaking his nose.

Nominated as the world's best short joke

A 3-year-old boy examined his testicles while taking a bath. 'Mom', he asked, 'Are these my brains?'
'Not yet,' she replied.

IPUTOK MO... Dadapa Ako! (1990)

Starring Vic Sotto, Rita Avila, Francis Magalona, Joey De Leon, John Regala, Ruby Rodriguez, Romy Diaz, Dick Israel, Ruben Rustia, Teroy De Guzman, Tony Carrion, Don Pepot, Maita Sanchez, Nonong De Andres, Eddie Nicart, Danny Labra, Maning Bato, Pong-Pong, Big Boy Gomez, Feling Cudia, Jojie Isla and Evelyn Vargas / Directed by TONY Y. REYES

Captain America The Winter Soldier Trailer

Sick trailer. They've also introduced Falcon.

Captain America returns! The official first trailer for Captain America The Winter Soldier -- in UK cinemas March 26 2014. The sequel to Marvel's Captain America The First Avenger. Starring Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Cobie Smulders, Frank Grillo, Emily VanCamp, Hayley Atwell with Robert Redford as Alexander Pierce and Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury.

Netizens laud Shaina after slip on 'ASAP' stage

MANILA -- Netizens lauded Shaina Magdayao for her professionalism after she still continued with her production number on "ASAP' on Sunday following an onstage slip.

According to one of the dancers.

"Her costume was quickly altered while the others' were performing and she gamely came back to finish the opening number! When the cameras turned off, she was limping, you never would have guessed it as she dances during the finale!"

Tar-San (1999)

Starring Redford White, Carding Castro, Judi Sta. maria, Jaime Fabregas, Ramon Christopher, Baron Giesler, Carlos Agassi, Sammy Lagmay, Vangie Labalan, Bernardo Bernardo, Bernadette Allyson, Whitney Tyson, Miniong Alvarez, Bearwin Meily, and Audrey Viscara / Directed by Efren Jarlego

Swimming Pool Making Waves During Bohol Earthquake

Here's a video of a swimming pool at Villa Teresita during October 15, 2013 earthquake in Bohol and Cebu registering 7.2 on the Richter Scale.

Magnitude 7.2 Quake Hit Bohol on Tuesday Morning

From ANC | Yahoo! Philippines News

Bayan Patrollers, netizens show damage caused by M7.2 quake

(UPDATED 2:00 pm) A magnitude 7.2 quake hit Bohol on Tuesday morning, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said.

Phivolcs said the quake occurred 2 kilometers southeast of Carmen town at 8:12 a.m.

The following quake intensities were felt:
-Intensity VII - Tagbilaran, Bohol
-Intensity VI - Inigaran, Negros Occidental
-Intensity V - Iloilo City; La Carlota, Negros Occidental
-Intensity IV - Masbate City; Roxas City; San Jose, Culasi, Antique; Guihulngan, Negros Oriental
-Intensity III - Davao City

More photos at ANC | Yahoo! Philippines News

Tomasino's Conversation with God

TOMASINO: God, sorry po di pa rin po ako maka-move on. Mas mahal Niyo po ba ang mga La Sallista?

GOD: Bakit mo naman nasabi yan, anak? Mahal ko kayo pareho.

T: Kasi po nagdasal naman po kami nang husto, bakit po La Salle ang nag-champion? Mas malakas po ba sila magdasal?

G: O, eh di ba for the good part of the UAAP season, kahit injured si Jeric, you won many games?

T: Opo.

G: Di ba you eliminated Ateneo, the defending champions?

T: Opo.

G: Di ba you overcame the twice-to-beat advantage of NU, the owner of the elimination round top spot, nung semi-finals?

T: Opo.

G: Di ba you won the first Finals game against La Salle and earned for yourselves the twice-to-beat advantage?

T: Opo.

G: Di ba nung end ng first half ng Game 3, 8 points ang lamang niyo sa La Salle?

T: Opo.

G: Di ba kayo ang last possession nung regulation period na tied ang score, at may chance kayo to take the game?

T: Opo.

G: Di ba kayo rin ang last possession nung overtime, at may isa pang chance to win the game?

T: Opo.

Scaregivers (Comedy)

Stars Jose Manalo, Wally Bayola, Iza Calzado, Ella Madrigal. Pinoy comedy.

WOTL Huwag Humusga


I just came upon this video of a Japanese band called World Order which was created by Genki Sudo a former mixed martial artist.

The band uses slow motion, catchy music and classy suits to make a captivating music video.

Watch their song called Welcome to Tokyo.

Manila Through Their Eyes

Metro Manila, Philippines through the eyes of three foreign expats from USA, New Zealand and India.

Shot by Sabrina Flores & Mark Viterbo

"Rossio" by Jahzzar

Arnel Pineda lost voice to drug addiction, alcoholism

Before he found success as the lead vocalist of the American rock band Journey, Arnel Pineda struggled with addiction to drugs and alcohol.

Drexler glides into Manila

One of the Houston Rockets' former star players, Clyde `The Glide' Drexler, gamely answers questions thrown at him during a press conference at Sofitel Philippine Plaza Monday. Drexler flew in to Manila in connection with the NBA pre-season game featuring the Rockets and the Indiana Pacers. Video by's Cathy Miranda

PNoy's Statement on the abolition of the PDAF and budgetary reforms, 23 August 2013

Finally,the abolition of the Pork Barrel system.

In other news.

Palace tells Carpio: We’ve junked PDAF

Eden Christmas #DamangDama 2013

Eden believes that Christmas doesn't happen by itself. It takes the efforts of one amazing woman to make this season truly the most wonderful time of the year—mom. And because each family is different, every Christmas presents each mother with a different challenge. Watch how this mom comes up with a special, heartwarming way of overcoming her child's challenge, in this new, touching Eden TV ad.

This emotional Eden Christmas Commercial shows us how a mother's love can make even a blind boy feel the joy and warmth of a touching Christmas.

Sanay (1985)

It's happening Sir Chief Maya wedding in Nov

For those who follow this show.

After initial reservations to push through with their wedding, the characters of Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria in "Be Careful With My Heart" are finally set to tie the knot in November.

Mahirap Maging Pogi (1992) Andrew E.

Starring Andrew E., Roi Vinzon, Gelli De Belen, Dennis Padilla, Janno Gibbs, Ogie Alcasid, Anjo Yllana, Leah Orosa, Ana Roces, Ruby Rodriguez, Mia Pratts, Patrick Guzman, Almira Muhlach, Michael De Mesa, Mary Walter, Metring David, Errol Dionisio, Levi Celerio, Tony Mabesa, Evelyn Vargas, Ronald Asinas, Beverly Salviejo, Bing Angeles, Jinky Oda, Moody Diaz and Benny Mack / Directed by Ben Feleo

Kumander Anting-Anting (1987) Redford White, Rene Requiestas

Starring Redford White, Rene Requiestas, Melissa Mendez, Boy Alano, Tony Santos Jr., Rommel Valdez, Robert Talabis, Renato Del Prado, Robert Talby, Jaime Fabregas, Rudy Meyer, Tony Bagyo, Vic Belaro, Jun Dela Paz and Torling Pader / Directed by Charlie Ordoñez

Sakal Sakali Saklolo (2007)

Sakal, Sakali, Saklolo (Choked, Maybe, Help Me!), a romantic comedy movie released by Star Cinema, is an official entry to the 33rd Metro Manila Film Festival - Philippines. This is the sequel of the 2006 film Kasal, Kasali, Kasalo with Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo reprising their roles. There were some scenes filmed in Spain. Santos and Agoncillo were in attendance during the California and Hawaii international premieres.

UP student receives award for stolen photo

Mark Joseph Solis receives the award and prizes, including flight tickets and accommodation to Brazil and Chile, for bagging the grand prize in the 'Smiles for the World' photo contest organized by the Chile Embassy in Manila on September 18 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. He later admitted that he simply lifted from someone else's Flickr account the winning photograph. Video courtesy of Raymond C. Ordoñez

Guingona, Cayetano admits accepting P50M but...

Senators Teofisto Guingona II and Alan Peter Cayetano on Thursday admit availing themselves of an additional P50 million fund allocation last year but clarified it was not in exchange for their guilty vote on then Chief Justice Renato Corona. Video by's Cathy Miranda

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada's Privilege Speech on The Pork Barrel Scam PDAF (Napoles)

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada's Privilege Speech on The PDAF Pork Barrel Scam in the Senate.

Speech starts at the 15:00 mark.

Video courtesy of GMA TV.

Congress Kickbacks: How Much for Whom

I saw this headline from the Philippine Daily Inquirer posted online. It was the headline back in August 13, 1996. Nothing has changed.

Moron 5 and the Crying Lady

Moron 5 and the Crying Lady is a 2012 Filipino comedy film directed by Wenn Deramas, starring Luis Manzano, Billy Crawford, Marvin Agustin, DJ Durano, Mart Escudero, and John Lapus.

SM Mall of Asia Accident - The Block Ceiling Collapse

This apparent incident happened on Sunday, September 15, where SM Mall of Asia's ceiling in the South Wing area, collapsed.

One casualty, a young boy, was reportedly hurt badly and went unconscious for several minutes. #smmoaaccident #collapse ceiling

Credits to Marie Junet Villahermosa

38 individuals charged over PDAF complaints

Here are the list of 38 individuals charged over the PDAF complaints.

1. Senator Juan Ponce Enrile
2. Senator Ramon “Bong” Revilla Jr.
3. Senator Jose “Jinggoy” Ejercito Estrada
4. Ex-Representative (Now Masbate governor) Rizalina Seachon-Lanete
5. Ex-Representative Edgar Valdez (Apec party-list)
6. Ex-Representative Rodolfo Plaza (Lone District Agusan Del Sur)
7. Ex-Representative Samuel Dangwa (Lone district, Benguet)
8. Ex-Representative Constantino Jaraula (Lone District, Cagayan de Oro)
9. Atty Jessica Reyes - Chief of Staff, Enrile
10. Atty. Richard Cambe - Staff, Revilla
11. Ruby Tuason - Representative, Enrile/Estrada
12. Pauline Labayen - Staff, Estrada
13. Jose Sumalpong - COS, Lanete
14. Jeanette dela Cruz - District Staff, Lanete
15. Erwin Dangwa - COS, Dangwa
16. Carlos Lozada - Staff, Dangwa
17. Alan Javellana - former President National Agribusiness Corp. (Nabcor)
18. Gondelina Amata - President, National Livelihood Development Corporation (NLDC)
19. Antonio Ortiz - Fo…

PPI collapse dashes dreams of 245,000 policyholders

(First of three parts)

“It was just too much to bear,” said Edna Roxas, a 45-year-old mother of two, upon hearing the bad news that Prudentialife Plans Inc. (PPI) had collapsed.

Roxas, who worked as a midwife in Libya from 1991 to 2001 so she could send her daughter and son to college, said she had spent nearly P400,000 over a five-year period during her overseas employment to pay premiums for two educational plans she had bought for them.
“I did not mind going to the Middle East and working in long-hour shifts because I wanted to support my children and make sure they go to college,” Roxas told the Inquirer. Her job, she recalled, would often require her to work 24 hours.

What she thought was a valuable investment proved to be good in helping pay the tuition of her daughter only for the first year in college. Her son, who would be in college next year, will never benefit from the educational plan.

Minerva Lubong, 61, who owns an eatery in Nueva Vizcaya province, expressed shock upon …

Petrang Kabayo 2010

The wit and the natural humor not only of the script of Petrang Kabayo, but also of the protagonist, did not fail to translate into a national hit.

Petrang Kabayo tells the story of Peter, a boy who is always maltreated by his father because of his homosexuality. He decided to run away and was found by a wealthy lady, Doña Biday, and is adopted by her. But he becomes abusive of his newfound wealth, and after the death of Doña Biday he becomes more abusive of his wealth and mistreated most of his housemaids, employees, and friends. Because of that, he was given a curse that transforms him into a horse every time he gets angry, or does/says anything bad to others.

Starring: Vice Ganda, Luis Manzano, Gloria Romero, Sam Pinto, Candy Pangilinan, Abby Bautista

Directed by: Wenn Deramas


Looks legit.

ILO ILO 爸媽不在家 Official Trailer


ILOILO CITY, Philippines–Teresita Sajonia left Singapore16 years ago as a nanny but returned to the city-state in August a celebrity.

On Aug. 24, Sajonia attended the gala premier at Marina Bay Sands Theater of the award-winning movie “Ilo Ilo,” a film inspired by her eight-year employment and relationship with a Singaporean family.

“Ilo Ilo,” which won the Camera d’Or (best first feature film award) in the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in May, was written and directed by Anthony Chen, 29, the eldest of three boys Sajonia took care of from 1988 to 1997.
“I’m very happy that they remembered the years we were together and that this was made into a movie,” Sajonia, 55, a native of San Miguel town in Iloilo province after which the movie was titled.

With Sajonia as guests of honor were Singaporean President Tony Tan Keng Yam, his wife, Mary Chee Bee Kiang, and Lawrence Wong, acting minister for culture, community and youth.

Sajonia was accompanied by her partner, Jua…

Zambo City shuts down after heavy fighting; curfew imposed amid hostage crisis


MANILA, Philippines - (UPDATE 9, 7:53 p.m.) Authorities imposed a curfew from 8 p.m. Monday till 5 a.m. Tuesday in Zamboanga City, where several Cabinet officers and security forces are hunkered down with local government executives to resolve the crisis sparked by the taking of 220 hostages by 100 Moro rebels who tried to take city hall at dawn.
A firefight with government troops shut down the city early Monday morning, and resulted in the death of at least four people--one policeman, one navy personnel and two civilians--and injuries to at least 17 others. Government security forces successfully foiled the group, which a military official said is a breakaway faction of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) led by Haber Malik. However, an MNLF official said the armed men were there as an “advance team” for Misuari.
In a press briefing late Monday afternoon, Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas II confirmed that the overall ground commander of the…