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Baylor University Men's Choir Sings Da Coconut Nut by Filipino Composer Ryan Cayabyab

The Baylor University Men's Choir flying on Emirates Airlines gave an impromptu performance of "Da Coconut Nut" composed by Filipino musician Ryan Cayabyab on their flight home from Kenya.

Singing and dancing, the 75-member of the Baylor University Men's Choir performed Ryan Cayabyab's song "Da Coconut Nut" to the delight of the passengers and crew.

"Da Coconut Nut" was popularized by Ryan Cayabyab's group Smokey Mountain back in the 1990's. The choral arrangement of the song has become popular and performed by choirs around the world. The video posted by Emirates on Facebook has been viewed over 2.5 million times.

It's a really great performance and I checked out their actual performance of "Da Coconut Nut" on Youtube. It's not very clear but it's great nonetheless.

If you're curious, here is the original version of the song "Da Coconut Nut" by Smokey Mountain

What did you think of the Baylor Unive…

Bayadra Brothers (1999) Paquito Diaz, Jimmy Santos, Berting Labra

Friday movie time!

Starring Paquito Diaz, Jimmy Santos, Berting Labra, Roi Vinzon, Palito, Ruffa Mae Quinto, Rufa Mae Quinto, Samantha Lopez, Joko Diaz, Jay Manalo, Ace Espinosa, Bob Soler, Eddie Gutierrez, Romy Diaz, Bernardo Bernardo, Vic Varrion, Eddie Tuazon, Telly Babasa, Danny Labra, Dante Javier, Boy Alano, Lucy Quinto, Beverly Salviejo, Ina Alegre, Janice de Guzman and Boy Agpoon / Directed by Paquito Diaz


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