The Pentagon Was Shocked At What President Trump Told President Duterte

U.S. President Donald Trump called Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on April 29, 2017 and their conversation revolved around the problem with North Korea and with Kim Jong Un's nuclear ambition.

Pentagon officials however are in shock after a transcript of their conversation was released on May 23, 2017. Pentagon officials are very careful about discussing the movement of their submarines as is it their military's belief that their stealth is the key to their mission.

In their conversation, President Trump told President Duterte that the U.S. has two nuclear submarines in the area. Trump said: "We have two submarines -- the best in the world -- we have two nuclear submarines -- no that we want to use them at all."

They also talked about China and how China is the key to keeping North Korea in check. Duterte said he will call China's President Xi Jinping. Duterte told Trump: "I will try to make a call to President Xi Jinping and I will try to tell him if …

MECO Labor Affairs Notice for Filipino Workers in Taiwan

From MECO Labor Affairs, Kaohsiung (POLO/OWWA)

Sa lahat po ng nakakaranas ng tunay na harassment, pang-iinsulto, o pananakit ng dahil sa isyu sa pagitan ng Taiwan, ipadala po sa akin ang impormasyon sa pamamagitan ng e-mail na "", o text sa mobile numbers 0932-218-057 o 0910-104-009. Ibigay ang pangalan, passport number, ARC number, buong pangalan ng company at contact details; pangalan ng Taiwanese broker at contact details. Inuulit ko lang po, yung tunay at personal na naranasan ang i-report at hindi yung kwento lang ng iba. Labor Representative Rey Conferido


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